Bounce Houses

Rent one of our famous theme bounce houses and get the best value for your dollar! Ideal for almost any size of backyard and anybody`s wallet. These moonwalk bounces will entice a smile on your kids face. Mickey Park, Police Car, Sports Bounce, Justice League, Princess Castle and our faithful Giraffe Bounce are all big bounce fun.

Indoor Bounce House

This bouncy house is a great addition to any party especially if you are facing height limitations or weather conditions.

Castle Bounce

The Castle bounce house is one of the greatest moonwalks ever built for children`s enetertainment. This moonwalk is

Police Car

Be sherif in your own backyard! Invite all your police friends and enjoy bouncing in this amazing bounce house.

Mickey Park

Mickey Park is in your town now!!! Bounce with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and other Disney heroes.

Giraffe Bounce

A traditional moon walk with the look of fun. This bounce is still a family favorite.

Jungle Monkey Bounce House

If you are planning a monkey party in the near future, you'll go bananas over our Jungle Monkey Bounce House.

Sports Bounce

Calling all sport fans! Boys and girls, this colorful bounce house will make your party the coolest event in the neighborhood.

Disney Princess

Bounce with Disney princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White,! Fun for the little dreamer.

Justice League

Every little dreamer has a superhero! Which one is yours? Bounce with Batman, Superman and other superheroes!

Sun Prairie, WI