How to select a right bounce house for your party

on Monday, 21 April 2014

Through all these years being in an inflatable rental business, we had an opportunity to speak with many of our customers and one of the questions that has been raised many times is how to choose the right bounce house for a party. Each party is unique, therefore there is no "one time" formula. However, following these rules of thumb will help you to select your preferred vendor and inflatable(s) that would match your needs.

Our Photo booth is the most powerful marketing tool for your next event

Written by Miga on Wednesday, 05 February 2014

Have you ever thought about having a photo booth at your event to increase your visibility in the social media world? If not, please read this article. Although not every photo booth is capable of doing such a thing, we are happy to say that our "state of art" photo booth is capable of doing serious marketing business. It is an entertainment and advertisement tool at the same time.

Supervision makes bounce house rentals a safer place to have fun

Written by Miga on Thursday, 07 February 2013

After another great season with no injuries, we have seen that many customers improved supervision efforts to make sure that their party goes without any accidents. We are happy to see that because we are fully committed to the inflatable riders` safety. However, there are some renters who believe inflatables are one of those toys that you just let kids play. We, at Fun Time Bounces, are convinced that inflatable rides need to be supervised at all times. Our company carries insurance against inflatable malfunction and installation negligence risks, but the renter is responsible for all risks associated with riders` actions.

Inside inflatables are fun too!

Written by Miga on Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Here in Madison, sunny days and good weather don't last long. Either rain or winter cut short the outside fun, including the inflatable rentals. When weather doesn't cooperate, Fun Time Bounces offers "room-size" indoor inflatables that can fit in an average garage or basement.

Currently, Fun Time Bounces offer three inflatables that can fit either into you garage or basement. On a side note, these inflatables are super affordable. Also, the great thing about these inflatables is that they are easy to set up and take down, so you can do it by yorself and save money. Ofcourse, if you desire, we can do set up and take down for you.

Inflatable Rentals - Fun and Business!

Written by Miga on Thursday, 28 April 2011

Personally, I have nothing against the local competition in the inflatable rental market. Nevertheless, good competition makes you even better, and helps maintain a good reputation for the entire inflatable rental industry. Although in Madison, WI, the competition was already very steep, we didn't have too many problems with that since majority of the competitors took safety seriously. I believed, and I still believe, it helped all of us to make renting bounce houses a positive experience for all our clients. Since the majority of customers like to try something new every year, we all had enough opportunities to make our inflatable business profitable.